Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quest for a new logo.

So! Long time no blog!  I've been feeling down in the dumps lately.  My allergies have been crazy and I feel like I have a pain in between my ears and back teeth.  It's crazy.
Anyways! I was having a particularly stressful day at work and decided to change my banner out for my shop.  I put on my dubstep playlist and get to work! It never fails to calm me down.  I get into a zone when I design them.   They are so much fun! I especially love it when I have lots of fun fonts to play with as well as new pictures I've recently taken for products.  Here's my finished result:

I'm pretty happy with it!  I had been thinking all week about how much I wanted to create a little logo for my shop.  I've seen lots of other shops create logos and put them as a watermark in the corner of their pictures.  I may be part of the minority...but I absolutely love that.  I have no idea why.  Maybe because it feels like that is the essence and feel of the shop I'm looking at.  You can tell a lot about the style and subject matter of a logo!  (Gosh..maybe I should have gone to school for graphic design or advertising! lol)  I wanted to incorporate M.M.S in the logo but I wasn't sure how. All I know, is that I wanted to do it.  I looked at the font that I used the banner for really loved the Ms.  I thought they were so gothic and beautiful and had the essence of what I wanted my shop to feel like.  I dunno..I think I might have described it kind of weird..but I think you know what I'm getting at. :)
So I started off with this:
Which I absolutely fell in love with.  It took some rearranging and constant resizing..but I think it worked out great! I even tested it out on some of my new photos! (Oh yeah...totally forgot to blog that I added a TON of new skull earrings from all the howlite skulls I had been stashing away like a squirrel!  They all have the 'simply dainty' theme ((since those have proven to be the more popular choice in my shop)) ) Anyways, I thought that was awesome. I was playing with it some more and added etsy to the bottom and was then..SUPER STOKED.  It totally looked like a skull! So that made me super happy.  Cause that's kind of the main theme to my shop are the skulls.  I had been trying to come up with something to make Moo stickers out of to stick on my boxes as I mail them out.  I think they are going to be great.  

What I would love to find is someone that could make a rubber stamp out of it so I could stamp my envelopes. :)
Anways, I can feel my headache growing. I have the day off tomorrow..I think I'm going to push myself to actually start my author portrait.  We'll see. 

Till then!


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