About Me

Namaste!  My name is Angelica.  I am a Phoenix born and raised, San Antonio, Texan.  I live with my fiance Daniel, two cats (Donut & Tex), two ferrets (Snicklefritz  & Chubbs "Captain Crunch" McGee), and two reptiles (Kovax & Oz). Full house indeed!  I have a huge place in my heart for family and absolutely love my day job, being a Merchant of the Written Word (All time favorite book is "Ferdinand the Bull" by Munro Leaf)!

As you can tell, I'm a huge animal lover (100% Vegan here!) and absolutely love crafting!  I started beading when I was about 14 after my Auntie spread her beads out on our dining room table.  Anytime I would visit her I  was always drawn to her work area!

Needless to say, "I got a fever! And the only cure was cowbell"-- (..er) --beading!  After a while I started dipping into other mediums and I am still stretching my creative muscle constructing whatever pops into my head.

Memento Mori Shop was created June 2010.  My love for the Day of the Dead culture grew into an overall fascination with genre of art surrounding the theme of death and the remembrance of mortality. (As the phrase "Memento Mori" does mean "Remember your Mortality".) Such a beautifully haunting theme was perfect for base of my creative foundation!

In October 2011 my focus was redirected to my paper flower jewelry line "LitBotanica" and I  made a decision to spend the majority of my time and attention on them.  I revamped my shop with a new look, purpose AND name.  MementoMoriShop was transformed into "LitBotanica".  A place for me to give unwanted books a second chance to bloom.  My love for the death art is still represented in my shop under "Oddities" :)

Other keywords that make Angelica:  girl, vegan, crafter, bookseller, animals, music, video games, octopus, glitter, Buddhist, skulls, dubstep, WoW, colors,  Shel Silverstein, Ferdinand, fairy tales, family, Phoenix, tattoos, piercings, technology, fruit, love, windmills, Firefly