Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday Treasury : Precious Pink : Rainbow Treasury Collection

Oh my! I'm a day late! I apologize! But I've finally made my Precious Pink treasury!
Here are some of the items I have included!

The first pick I had saved in my favorites and was ready to use! I am a huge fan of Origami and I loved the example of using them as decoration at the dinner table. (adding it to my things I would love to have at my wedding! :D )  I have always loved the Lotus flower and thought this was a beautiful addition to the collection. :) Check out more paper flowers here: Fish and Lotus Item: Origami Lotus Flower Decoration

Vintage and Sweet all in one necklace!  I imagined walking into an antique store and seeing this out of the corner of my eye and knowing I found a little treasure! I loved the presentation of this piece! Also had to show some love for San Antonio sellers and this necklace fit perfectly with the "feel" I was going for in this treasury. Look here for my vintage feel jewelry: PrincipessaJewels Item: Darling Daisy Vintage Jewel Necklace
I needed something light hearted and fun in my treasury and I knew exactly where to go! My friend Katrina just opened her Etsy shop and I wanted to show her some support by including my personal favorite pair in her shop. Happy bombs! All of her items are hand sculpted and make adorable gifts for any occasion (she even has an option for unpierced ears)! Check out more too-cute-for-words pieces : PixieHearts Item: Adorable Bomb Stud Earrings

I have never ever looked at a soap that made my stomach growl! Until today!  The description "You wont want to wash with anything else once you feel your skin after using this tasty soap" made me insanely hungry after reading it! I started looking at them like tasty treats!  These soaps are adorable and I can only imagine what they smell like! PLUS they are vegan and cruelty free! A definite bonus in my book as a vegan! Check out the rest of her insanely sweet shop here : Frosted Crossbones Item: Strawberry Shortcake Floap

I found the perfect petite ring to make any friend receiving it guaranteed to feel like a princess!  I am a huge ring fan and I searched for something that wasn't too overwhelming and found this piece from 3 Rexes Jewelry. Their items always remind me of a fairy tale! I love it! Their style is so unique and their optional box adds a perfect touch! Check out more enchanting pieces here:3RexesJewelry Item: Pink Pixie Friendship Ring

Another addition to my treasury that just went perfectly with the feel I was going for!  I think this pair of earrings would be great for a fancy night out or the "go-to" pair to make an outfit just right!  I love the combination of pink and copper! Very classy and elegant! Check out more of her shop for more pieces like this *and* handmade beads here : BeadyMonkey Item: Little Lorraine Pink Drop Earrings

So I decided to pounce and look for a shop that hadn't yet had a sale and I came across this little gem!  There were so many pieces I wanted to use! It was so hard to pick!  This ended up being my favorite!  These bobby pins have such a classy lady-like look to them! I can imagine them making an appearance in a beautiful updo. :)  It was a real treat getting to include these in my treasury and I had to Favorite so I could feature more in future treasuries.  Check out more honestly fantastic pieces that deserve a look here: MountainOfDreams Item: Floral Brass Bobby Pins

I completely admire those in the photography field! And when a shot is presented well with a mix of black and white and color it is instantly a favorite! I was looking for a piece of art that included pink but didn't over power anything.  This spoke loud and clear!  It had a perfectly delicate amount of pink and the flower is absolutely beautiful!  Check out more fantastic photos here: PixelGallery Item: Bleeding Heart colorized print

You don't have to be a boy to play with Legos! A perfect addition to any girl geeks collection. This pair of earrings is made from pretty pink legos! Super simplistic and fun. Definitely a great gift for those looking for a blast from the past. This seller has a shop full of fun Lego jewelry.  Check out the fun collection here: NerdyApples Item: Pink Lego Earrings

San Antonio has such unpredictable weather!  It may be summer time but we get the occasional cold front here and sometimes you just want something light and pretty and this scarf is perfect for that.  I also often wear black and am constantly looking for a good splash of color.  Her shop is full of great scarves that could be used for that exact purpose!  They look super comfy and are very simple!
Look here for a wide variety of colorful and simplistic scarves: WhiteRabbit7 Item:Raspberry Light Weight Cotton Jersey Scarf

It's hard not to fall in love with these earrings!  They have such a charm about them!  I myself have never danced but I can only imagine any memories that these bring for those who do!  It was a delight to add these to the treasury and have them meld well with everything!  Check out more delightful and unique pieces here: redheart13 Item: Ballet Enchantment Earrings

One of my close friends is getting ready to have a baby girl and so I was inspired to add something that I could add to my "SHE HAS TO HAVE THAT!" list.  I ran into this completely adorable piece while looking for baby hat and was too cute not to add.  I love how they look like little elf hats! I think every baby should have an elf hat.. Check out this shop for more hand knitted hats here: LittleKnitLovey Item: Little Elf Knit Baby Hat

I have been obsessed with Steampunk pieces lately.  So much that I've been looking into adding them to my shop!  I could spend HOURS looking at steam punk items on Etsy and this one caught my eye immediantly. I recently found this shop and have added a ton of pieces to my Xmas Shopping list!  I thought the image added to this piece was a great touch!  This is definitely one of the more unique pieces of steampunk art I've seen.  A lovely and fun addition to "Precious Pink"! Look here for AWESOME altered art Cuffs!: JezebelCharms Item: Victoriana Butterfly With Goggles

I'm going to be honestly with you guys, I'm going to have a really  hard time not including this shop in EVERY color of the "Rainbow" Collection Treasuries.  I love every piece from this shop and it's always hard to pick just ONE to feature. ANYWAYS!  This necklace in infused with pink goodness! I love anything shiny and I think this one would be hard to miss! All in all this shop is one of my top favorites. Look here for crystals in all colors of the rainbow: Item: GlitzGlitter Item: Swarovski Bordeaux Leaf Antiqued Brass Necklace

Okay, okay. This particular piece may just have a pink background, but I wanted to include them because I love their work!  I have personally bought a mala from this shop and was super happy with it!  It's really is hard to pick just one to purchase since they are all beautiful! Look here for a wide variety for gorgeous malas (they have pink too!): compassionmalas Item: Tiger Ebony Wood Meditation Mala

Last and certainly not least, the wonderful Isabella!!  I love any Day of the Dead like art and this lady is so pretty!  It's was hard to choose which one to use for the treasury because they were all so cool! This one indeed turned out to be my favorite!  Check out more awesomely beautiful skull ladies AND handmade jewelry here: Photocurio Item: Isabella Print

And that's it folks! I hope y'all enjoyed this awesome collection of artists!  Support and spread the word about these amazing artists!

Next Tuesday's treasury will be Red! :D


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